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Technology has brought significant changes to libraries. These days Libraries function differently due to the digitalization. Access to information is in real-time and universal

A digital library system is a combination of various resources like capturing, cataloging, storing, searching, protecting and retrieving information.
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Libtech Solutions LLP is one of the upcoming brands in the library management solutions, within a short span of time. Libtech proved its caliber by providing complete solutions library automation and management in various government and private organizations. We are specialized in automation of libraries using koha library management system software, which is the largest using open source library management throughout the world.

For Library management we use

Koha Library Software

Koha Library Software is the world’s first free and open source library management system.
It is a fully featured, highly configurable and scalable to meet the needs of libraries of all types and sizes.


D Space is an open source repository software package typically used for creating open access repositories for scholarly published digital content

RFID Based Library Management System

RFID is one of the most technologies being adopted by both industry and academic world.

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Libtech Solutions LLP

Digital Library online is a subset of the large format library with collections stored in digital formats and accessible by computers. With an inbuilt information retrieval system, the digital content stored either can be accessed locally, or remotely via computer networks. Further the wide use of the Internet and the World Wide Web has expanded the power of networks making it feasible to access the digital library online.